Ten Tips to Speed up Post-Op Recovery in 2019

For any surgery if you find a surgeon you can trust then you can confidently go with the procedure. You would be able to get all your doubts clarified and also get plenty of information about all that is to be done to help in the speedy recovery. For details about doctors in your area check out websites like mymeditravel before your consultation. Once you have the best surgeon to carry out the procedure here are some post-op tips to help with the recovery process-

1.    Take plenty of rest and avoid strain on the area where the surgery was performed.

2.    Book an appointment with a physiotherapist to learn simple exercises that can help improve the flexibility after an operation.

3.    Make sure that you stick with an anti-inflammatory diet.

4.    Continue drinking plenty of water and keep the body fluid levels high.

5.    Blood circulation to the area where the surgery was done should be regulated through mild non-strenuous activities.

6.    Reduce the amount of sugar and salt in your diet. Sugar cane meddles with the immune system function, and excess salt can lead to water retention in the body.

7.    Wear the right type of clothes that keep you warm but not sweaty.

8.    Check the bandaged region where the incision was made and replace the bandage regularly as recommended.

9.    Compression sleeves and belts might be useful after several types of surgeries. These can help prevent water retention and also firmly support the treated area.

10.    Check with your doctor to know about the ointments or lotions to apply on the incision to prevent infections and also minimize the visibility of the scar.

Different surgeries have different recovery periods. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about the recovery process even before the surgery. This would help you plan the hospitalization period and also plan your leaves.